Dai Governance

Dai Unique Recievers/Senders: 82

DAI Active Addresses: unique addresses that participated in transactions for a given day

Number of Hodlers: ~11,714 addresses

Percentage of DAI on Exchanges

3:of DAI tokens held on exchanges 14,430:# of unique wallets hodling DAI

Oasis #1 (ETH/DAI) Volume

Oasis #2 (ETH/DAI) Volume

Oasis #4 (ETH/DAI) Volume

ETH-DAI Analysis DAI-ETH Analysis

84.6%: of early DAI investors are still hodling 81%:tokens held by top 100 wallets

DAI Exchange Volume, Transaction Volume, Median Exchange Value

DAI Token Movement between Addresses

DAI Transaction Volume/DAI Tokens in Circulation: how often tokens change wallets in a given interval of time

Dai Wallet Exchange Inflow and Outflow: the amount of tokens going in and out of exchange wallets over time

Token Transfers by Month